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Sales Dialer

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Intelligent Sales Dialer

Dialling indvidual numbers and manually updating records is an hassle. Introducing one-click dialing and automatic call logging in your favorite CRM.

Click to Call

We call you and your prospect with a single click.

Auto Save Numbers

Easily save new prospect details after dialing the number.

Create New Contacs

Easily create new contacts referred during a call.

Call recording

(coming soon)
Easily record calls for training or coaching.

Listen in Live

(coming soon)
Dial into any ongoing call for coaching.

Voicemail Drop

(coming soon)
Share pre-recorded voicemails with one click.


(coming soon)
Dialer uses a local area code when calling prospects.

Call Analytics

See detailed reports on number of calls, connects, & tasks performed.

Call logging in CRM

Every call activity is seamlessly logged in your CRM


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