Cadence: The Smart Way For Sales Teams To Get More Leads

Sales Cadences

Create sales communication workflows with email, calls and social making your sales team more productive and resulting in more meetings. Get more qualified leads.
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Engage prospects with a smarter workflow to land more meetings and gain better leads.

Create intelligent cadences

Create Cadences for sales reps

Break your process into sales activities to guarantee more wins.

Combine multiple sales activities in a cadence.

Combine email, call and social outreach steps in your cadence.

A/B testing of sequences

Discover sequences that create winning results.

Persona Targeting

Test sequences for different business personas to find the ideal customer profile.

Dynamic Pipelines

Prospects shift in the sales pipeline based on engagement.

Fileboard workflow creates tasks based on customer engagement.

We track how interested a prospect is, how many times they open or read your sales content, for how long, and who they send it to. These actions roll into an engagement score for each prospect.

Engagement scoring for contacts and accounts

Engagement scores determine your best bets for following up – finding your most interested leads.

Engagement history timelines

See a full timeline of every prospect activity – emails, calls, meetings, and file opens.

Follow up tasks based on engagement

Fileboard runs your sequence automatically and priortizes your tasks based on customer engagement.

Workflow automatically adheres to all current email campaign policies.

Fileboard Workflow provides capabilities to manage current policies and restrictions.

Role based access control

Set access limits to features, templates and files.

Compliance rulesets

Set rules for activity thresholds.

Team spaces

Segregate data, content, and features based on team spaces.

Automated tasks based on interaction and engagement help you to follow up with sales-ready prospects first.

Fileboard Workflow takes account of engagement in every step, instead of creating rigid, immobile steps in the sales process.

Tasks for customer engagement

Tasks are created when prospects engage in your content.

Reminders to follow up

Forget to follow up with some leads? Fileboard keeps track of all engaged leads, and sends reminders for forgotten contacts.

Tasks for no customer response.

Fileboard creates low-priority tasks for those accounts that don’t get in touch, and you can easily pull this group into another workflow.


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