Our Tree In The Salesforce Ecosystem - Fileboard

On Being Part of the Largest Global Sales Partner Program

Today, the Fileboard team and I raise one to our partner Salesforce. We’re happy to be part of a community projected to add a stunning $389 Billion to global GDP over the next five years. Fileboard & Salesforce are transforming the world of Sales, and we’re seeing teams around the world using advanced programs to manage accounts better, sell better, and find their growth, from the scrappy startups to the powerhouse enterprises.

Sales 2.0 is taking off – and we’re excited to be part of the journey with Salesforce. Public cloud computing (that’s us!) is growing, and fast- over the next few years, it will outpace IT spending 6 times over. A highly trained and focused economy is evolving around Salesforce – ready to focus each and every sales team into the most efficient, highest return teams possible with the world’s leading CRM. We’re proud to be part of this economy providing an incredible return for all our partners. Account based selling is nothing new in Salesforce. Sales development platforms are exploding in popularity, as teams race to maximize the effectiveness of ABS. We work to keep true to the core reasons our customers use Fileboard for Salesforce – ease of use, unparalleled integration into Salesforce, and clear data-driven follow ups based on customer engagement.

As a longtime AppExchange partner, we’d like to take some credit for the incredible Four Million AppExchange Installs recently hit. Who says marketplaces have to be consumer-based?
Fileboard has been touted time and time again by our customers as a leading Sales Acceleration tool – not just for our Salesforce Award winning programs, but for a seamless integration with the world’s top CRM, not found in any other tool in the market.

The AppExchange is a fountain of knowledge for each and every salesperson, from the experienced Account Executives to the junior SDR. If you’re using Salesforce, take advantage of this cultivated marketplace with which you can tailor your Salesforce experience and your sales process to your business, your market, and most importantly, your customers!

Fileboard’s core mission is to save you, the sales rep, time in your day, so you can maximize your time talking to relevant, interested leads. Tracking your lead’s engagement with sales content is the first step. Our unparalleled Salesforce integration logs every customer action, because we want you pitching your leads, not repetitively inputting your notes or their sales data. All of our Salesforce customers can manage their entire sales campaigns directly from the Salesforce environment, whether they’re managing opportunities or creating email campaigns.

We’re looking forward to the future with our customers, our readers, and our Salesforce partners. We hope to see all of you at Dreamforce!

-Khuram Hussain, CEO, Fileboard.