The Top 3 Complaints of Sales Development Reps and How to Solve Them

Sales development representatives are vital to the sales process. As such, their complaints and issues with it must be addressed quickly to ensure leads are being converted efficiently. To help with your productivity, we’ve compiled a list of top complaints to look out for, and how you can solve them.

1. I don’t have enough quality leads. How do I know I’m spending my time with the right people?

Traditional SDRs are given leads, not expected to generate their own. That leaves the onus on whoever gets these leads for them to provide quality, sales-ready leads to contact. The more unqualified leads sent to the reps, the more time is spent wasted for all parties involved. The fix? First, try focusing on a single target, such as contacting Marketing VPs or CMOs. Next, use a proven lead generator tool such as Zoominfo to quickly source these leads for your team. Quality leads do exist, it just takes the right tools to find them!

2. I lose track of some of these leads because I have to keep re-entering data into different tools and platforms

This complaint can be one of the most frustrating issues for SDRs. When a team is given multiple sales tools, but no method to link those tools, copying information from one to another can be burdensome, and at worst, impede the SDRs from actually closing deals. Vital data or customer information can be easily lost as sales development reps juggle the multiple platforms with which they do business. The fix? Look out for integrations. Fileboard integrates your email and your CRM by automatically logging every action in every platform, so you never have to worry about lost data.

3. I never know the post-sales journey of my clients

Surprisingly, this situation happens all too often. As soon as the prospect signs and becomes a client, they are whisked away to an account manager, never speaking to the SDR again. While their relationship has changed, the rep should still know about their post-sales journey!

Consider this relationship like throwing a baseball: The follow-through is as important as the wind-up. Knowing what the account manager upsold, what growing pains the new client might have experienced, and this client’s similarities and differences to previous clients are all critical inputs the sales development rep can use to better their sales pitch. Finally, they can also aggregate this customer’s post-sales data to better target future leads.