Task Prioritization: Do you spend enough time selling? - Fileboard

Improper task prioritization hurts more salespeople than you might realize. According to Cirrus Insights, a majority of salespeople spend less than half of their time selling. In most of the cases, salespeople spend anywhere between 15% to 20% of their time selling. With salespeople responsible for dozens of other tasks besides sales, it usually ends up eating the time they should have spent on selling.
Similarly, according to Alice Heiman LLC, “sales people need to spend more than 39% of their time selling, but other activities pull them away,” Heiman said. “Hopefully, some of that email time is advancing a sale.”
A few of the task and role prioritization issues that tend to take salespeople away from giving enough time to their sales activities.

Three issues that burn your sales time!

1) Lost Focus: In most of the cases with an inexperienced salesperson, they end up mixing their sales roles with other roles like inbound marketing and related fields. This leads to a change in focus and eats away most of their selling time.

2) Role Confusion: This is a nightmare in a sales profession. A salesperson’s main job is to initiate, nurture and maintain relationships that can end in a deal closure. An experienced and professional sales rep always revolves around this gravity of engagement tasks most of the times. When a sales person jumps into support tasks, they burn valuable sales time. It’s the job of the sales support team to source data and profiles. What’s ideal is a common forum where sales people can discuss the success of data and requirements with sales support staff for better results. That’s the end to it. However, it has been observed many times that a sales person starts sourcing data ending up with less sales time.

3) Task Prioritization: Every sales department has a unique sales philosophy, sales process and deal cycle. These three factors can be improved by the help of a sales rep, but that should be the most one can require from a sales rep. It’s better to work on their own task prioritization. The defined sales process and steps should be followed with discipline.