Successful sales reps need to possess a set of selling skills that can differentiate them from others. These skills will not only result in satisfying the quota limit or the target sales for a short period of time but would consequently build better business relationships with your clients. The objective of a sales team would be becoming the first name to pop up in a clients mind whenever they encounter any problem. The client’s need isn’t your product, but it’s the solution or the experience that your product offers.
This blog addresses a few essential skills that can help you in ensuring maximum sales in the long run.

Selling skills should not revolve around what we want but what the other person wants.

Understanding the Customer
This is one of the basic boxes that most sales reps these days forget to check. Their focus is to close on the deal without assuring that their product really is the solution to the client’s problem. Instead of convincing people to buy the product the sales rep should focus on what the client wants or needs. The sales rep should engage them by asking questions that will help them in making a wise buying decision.

Educating the Customer
Giving the customers new ideas that can bring changes to their thinking and how the product can make life easy for them should be the goal of every sales rep. The client always likes if the sales rep has relevant knowledge of the product and how it can be used. The client would always be short on time so the sales rep has to pitch his deal in such a way that the client’s time is saved and he makes a favorable decision too. Sales Gurus suggest that rather than focusing on product features, the sales rep should tell stories that depict how the product solved a practical problem.

Selling skills

Selling skills should be acquired from your seniors and peers.

Story telling should always be present in your armory of selling skills!

Socializing with the Customer
People buy from people they like. In order to get in to the good books of the potential customer, the sales rep has to engage at a personal level with them. Socializing with them, inviting them over for a cup of coffee to discuss the problems that they are going through could turn out to be the reason that they start adopting your solutions. Ultimately, your products would offer these solutions. The sales rep has to step in to the shoes of the client in order to develop solutions that achieve mutual goals.

Using technology to boost Sales
Technology is the answer to many problems these days. Similarly it helps sales rep in shortening the length of the average sales cycle and selling more efficiently. Sales applications are being designed and built for individual sales rep productivity and solve specific issues that sales reps face in the sales process. The sales reps spend a lot of time in meetings, administrative tasks, account management and generating leads. The use of technology saves time spent on such activities and as a result, the sales reps spend more time on what they do best – SELL.

For a win-win situation, we highly recommend these selling skills to the sales reps!