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Selling Salesforce CRM to Your Sales Team

How to Get Your Sales Team to Use Salesforce CRM Properly

Sometimes Your Hardest Objections Don’t Come from Customers.

As a sales manager, you are skilled at handling prospective customer’s objections with ease, but sometimes your hardest objections don’t come from your customers. Getting your sales team to start using Salesforce can be met with indifference and even resistance.  Let’s face the facts: Implementing a CRM correctly will throw off even the most flexible of workflows. 52% of sales managers say their reps aren’t using their CRM like they want them to. We’ve created this whitepaper to prepare you for objections your team may have, provide essential insights for smooth implementation and success with Salesforce CRM.

What’s Inside:


Potential objections from your sales team


Actionable tips teamwide CRM for implementation


Essential reports to monitor pipelines and performance