Fileboard: the Leading Salesloft Alternative’s Pricing

Both platforms allow you to setup semi-automated workflows called ‘cadences’ which make sure your reps follow a consistent process

Both support email, call and social steps in cadences

Both support A/B testing of sequences and open and click tracking in cadences.



More Features At A Competitive Price

Saleslofts pricing differs significantly from Fileboards pricing. Salesloft does not quote prices on their website but a quick look at review sites shows that Saleslofts Pricing starts at $125 per user per month for the Enterprise edition, $100 per user per month for the Professional edition and $75 per user per month for the Group edition.

Fileboard costs $59 per user per month for a similar package which is provided by Salesloft at $125 per user per month.


Our Powerful Sales Assistant AI

The challenge sales reps often run into is following up with leads and opportunities before they move on to another vendor or lose interest. Fileboard’s patent pending Sales Assistant addresses this by automatically creating follow up tasks based on interactions of your prospects with your emails and content when you reach out to your prospects. Instead of letting opportunities fall through the cracks, you’ll be able to see exactly how engaged your leads are to reach out at just the right time. Currently, Fileboard is the only sales engagement platform that allows users to utilize AI for prospect engagement and follow-up.


Better Ways to Engage Your Prospects

Fileboards multi-step email workflows allow reps to send out personalized automated follow up emails based on the behavior of the recipients. These workflows help your reps to warm up leads before they reach out to prospects one by one, saving them valuable time and effort. Salesloft’s workflows consist of static steps the rep needs to go through rather than adapting to customer engagement or your reps actions like Fileboard’s.

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“”Our sales cycle has been reduced from 90 days to 30 days since we began using Fileboard. We’ve also seen an overall a 50% increase in our average deal size.
Ron, Work4 Labs



Seamless SalesForce integration
Automated Multi touch Prospecting Campaigns
Multitask Outbound Dialer
Integrated Sales Platform
Account Based Reporting
Intelligent Sales Process

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