Qualifying sales leads is a tricky business! New SDRs sometimes commit huge mistakes by qualifying the wrong leads. Sales pipelines are filled constantly but nothing valuable is generated. We have already discussed a few reasons that can make an SDR qualify the wrong leads. We will discuss the solutions step by step as per their importance.

4 key steps to kickstart your outbound sales process

1. Give SDRs better goals: The top management should first estimate and determine the right figures in their plan. The most important things here are average deal size, close rates and sales cycle length. If you never got the time to calculate these, take some time to figure these details out before moving ahead with rest of the planning. These are the building blocks for your future sales process.

2. Give SDRs better data: If your data is not right, no matter how much value your product has, you are not closing any sales. Finding the right data is not that difficult. The planners should determine the right market size to enter. The right companies based on their suitability with your product. Also, the average company size that matches your required deal cycle. One of the most key factors in the data is the right profiles that are both the right decision makers and relevant to your product.

3. Increase your Touchpoints: According to a Laurie Beasley, it takes from 7 to 13 touches to deliver a qualified sales lead. So, don’t lose hope and put some extra effort in there. If you are sure that you have the right profiles, this is just the beginning. Rest of the outcomes depend on how much input you are putting in the outreach process. So, don’t give up too early and strive hard.

4. Deliver value, don’t spam: We have always stressed upon a point that you should craft your messages instead of sending out plain emails. From writing intriguing emails to choosing the right words in a call, best timings to deliver a message and understanding the pain points of your prospect.

Sales Success is all about maintaining the right relationship with your prospects.