Become A Sales Expert: Resources For Sales Best Practices

Become a sales expert.

Use the valuable resources to learn sales best practices.

Guide to Creating a Strong Sales Cadence

Our guide to sales cadence creation, including 4 example templates!

Kick-Ass Sales Follow Up

How to optimally follow up with your prospects by sending emails and presentations

How to create the winning B2B Sales Presentation

Fileboards roadmap to a winning B2B sales presentation

Do you need an inside sales model?

This whitepaper will provide you with the information on key differences between Inside sales and outside sales.

Guide to killer sales presentation

Know which presentations work

Increase the efficiency of your inside sales process and close deals faster

Understand the importance of adopting the inside sales model to meet the changes in customer behavior

Selling CRM to your Sales Team

Selling Salesforce CRM to your Sales Team: A Sales Manager’s Guide

Account Based Selling Guide

This FREE guide will give you the essentials of account based sales and help you become a top performer.

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Sell

Find actionable insights you can start applying to your sales process right away.

Top 10 Tips for email follow up

Learn follow up techniques that get responses.


Roadmap to a winning sales presentation

Easy to understand tips on how to create presentations that close deals.

Clock out on time without sacrificing sales

Everybody has same amount of hours in the workday. Learn how to make yours count.