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Sales motivation, like any other kind of motivation, comes from within. It gives you the courage and perseverance to do what’s required in order to get the best results regarding your sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.

Many of us are under the pretense that “motivation is only motivation if it lasts forever,” but in reality, it doesn’t always last. We have to renew it every single day. Like a mental process, you need to be able to control it regardless of the market or environmental conditions.

In day-to-day sales, there are times when the conditions are unfavorable, demotivating, or when everything goes south. These are the times where sales motivation is the difference between accepting the challenge and giving up on your goals.

Sales motivation isn’t a trait, but a skill shared by all top-performing salespeople.

A wise person once said, “rules make a man.” In the same way, we need to follow certain rules and principles to get motivated. These simple set of rules can help us gather the required tools to find our motivation.

The Rainmaker Principles

sales rainmakerTony Robbins says, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” Even though we can try and copy someone else’s methods, nobody will do the job for us. We have to make our own effort to obtain what the other person has achieved. It can be done by following a few principles:

1. Strive to be the top performer.

Exhibit the determination, hustle, and hunger to achieve what only the rainmakers achieve. Even if you need to fake it at first, others will begin to treat you like the top performer you know you are. That alone can help boost your performance.

2. Set goals for yourself.

And don’t just set them, but live by them. Become a goal-following fanatic. You can do this by setting short- and long-term goals, personally and professionally. By setting short-term goals you know you can reach, you give yourself a feeling of accomplishment that will help you follow through on your bigger aspirations. Make sure you’re always striving to increase sales productivity, even when your hitting your quota. True rainmakers never leave well enough alone.

3. Take action.

Don’t just set goals, take actions and follow them until you succeed. Don’t get too caught up in list making and make sure you’re being actionable about the things you want to achieve. Be vigilant of the things that aren’t working, and be proactive about changing them. If you want to be an effective salesperson, you need to update your selling techniques regularly.

4. Map your selling process.map selling process

Learn to map your selling process in accordance with the psychology of the buyer. Learning all the technical ins and outs of selling is important, but you also need to understand the psychology of selling, and of your prospects. Take care to understand their pains and challenges and learn to position yourself as the solution.

5. Overcome your fears.

Learn to push when it is in the best interest of the customer. As a salesperson, you’re going to have to take calculated risks from time to time. It might be scary to hear “no,” but the master salespeople learn to overcome it and use that fear as fuel to ask the big questions.

6. Seize the moment.

Rise to the occasion. Don’t let that last minute deal startle you. Let it be a source of motivation for you. Make sure you’re open to great selling opportunities at any moment.

Sales Motivation

Top Sales Motivation Tips

In order to move your life in the direction you want, you need to set some ground rules and consistently follow them. Use these sales motivation tips to get you going.

  • sales motivation tips Set your goals high: Have your own vision about how you plan to get where you want to be and aim high, beyond your means. When your mind is focused on extreme goals, it will be easier to meet the small, yet significant goals you need to in order to get there.
  • Motivation is entirely emotional: Passion is one of the strongest human emotions. You must fuel it, ignite it, feel it, and use it to your advantage to stay motivated.
  • Don’t work hard, work smart: Hard work, though it usually pays, sometimes gets a little demotivating. In order to stay motivated, work smart. Look for innovative sales technology that can help you be more efficient.
  • Compliment yourself: Celebrate success, because you’re totally worth celebrating. Give yourself an occasional pat on the back for achieving short term goals. Selling skills are not always easy to master and you should congratulate yourself regularly for your efforts.
  • Make peace with the inertial force: Sales motivation is all about momentum. If things aren’t working out for you, give yourself a break and take some time off. The moment you start clicking, ride the momentum.


When followed regularly, these few sales motivation tips can boost your confidence level and help you reach even your grandest sales goals. The most important tip, though, is to never stop learning. As long as your continuously learning and invested in the work you do, you’ll get joy and satisfaction out of sales, and that is the best motivation there is!


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