Sales acceleration means to accelerate the velocity of the sales process. It is basically the art of removing a delay between the time you approach a prospect and the actual sales transaction.

Earlier on, there were a lot of barriers that slowed down the sales process. Now with the advent of sales acceleration, things move quicker, more value is provided to the customer, along with tools and systems to make it easier for the sales reps to sell and move forward through the sales process.

The only thing that prevents prospects from making quick decisions is the seller. Most of the sales reps have the wrong understanding of what their job is all about. Sales are not about the product or service that you are paid to sell. It is about aiding your potential customers in making a purchase decision. Sales reps need to understand that sales is not something you do to a customer but it is in reality a two-way interactive collaborative journey that you take with the customer.

Sales acceleration is all about working smarter.

Sales Acceleration

So how do you make this journey a better one. We are going to show you how.

Accelerate your Responsiveness

In sales terminology, responsiveness does not mean to be just fast. When it comes to sales, responsiveness has two components, i.e. information and speed. To be responsive, a seller has to provide valuable information to the potential customer in a timely manner.

You can reply back to the prospect within 10 minutes, but if you don’t have information that is going to help them in making the purchase decision, then being fast is of no use. On the other hand, if you reply back with appropriate information, but you have taken days to reply, then the information is of no use. By the time you gather the information, the competitor will have stolen your prospect.

Therefore, sales reps need to quickly provide the potential customer the information they need to move on to the next step in their buying process.

Sales acceleration is the new version of sales enablement

Maximize the Value

Customers have very little time and during this short course of time the sales reps have to make sure that they make every sales touch count. There are going to be a limited number of opportunities to interact with the prospects and the sales rep has to make the most of it by delivering maximum value to the customer. Value is information that moves the customer at least one step forward in their buying process. Value in this case could be statistical information, analytics & facts that would convince the customer in making the purchase decision.

These are the most essential tips to accelerate sales. The tools, technology and formula of sales acceleration would be discussed in the upcoming blogs!