The concept of remote sales is taking on field sales with rapid speed. From lifestyles to communications, everything is evolving and quickly adapting to the digital technology. In the same way, sales have become more virtual and remote, contrary to the previous face -to- face also known as outside sales.

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Latest lead management studies show that remote sales or inside sales per say, grew at a 15 times higher rate than outside sales. The old practices of outbound or door -to- door marketing are evolving into that of inside sales but in order to do it properly, the most vital thing we need is visual support. The reason for this being that your buyer cannot physically feel the product with his senses. Your medium of communication is his only source of judging the product and coming up with a decision.

Visual support in remote sales acts as your customer’s eyes and ears to make the deal.

Your remote sales team should choose the tools which best suit your product and won’t slow people down. Visual support being the most powerful tool of all, as it helps your prospect decide whether or not to go for the deal. When presenting to your client, visual aids must be incorporated in a manner which is both intriguing and helpful for the sale to be closed. These tools are vital for success and can boost your sales levels to a great extent. Now we shall discuss a few tools and tips to boost the outcome of your remote sales department:

Use pictures and Graphics extensively

Let’s take a scenario where your client doesn’t know about the product that you’re presenting to him. Now, you give him a description of the product and it’s specifications but he still doesn’t look satisfied. What do you do? How do you develop his interest? The answer to this might just be the use of quality pictures and eye catching graphics. These should be used in abundance as they boost your chances of landing the prospect.

Blend in a video

In your presentation, make use of videos to support your pitch. It’s easier than talking and captures your client’s interest. Any tutorials made on how to use the product or what this product is about adds a little spice to your pitch.

Dress it up with Graphs and Matrices

Add a pinch of graphs showing the performance or the marketability of your product or service. Support it with metrics to give your client a real time experience of how the product actually makes a difference. This can really help you in closing the deal.

Remote Sales

Visual support in remote sales doesn’t only benefit your customer but also extends within your sales team and helps it bond better.

Visual support should be used not only for pitches but team meetings of your remote sales team as well. They can help your team understand the product better than ever and can help them pitch better too. Every team leader should make it a habit to include visual support in his team meetings because it’s more powerful than we think it is.

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