Outbound Sales Automation for SDRs - Fileboard Workflow

Fileboard Workflow: Create winning sales workflows and book more meetings, faster.

Create sales communication workflows with email, calls and social making your sales team more productive and resulting in more meetings. Get more qualified leads.
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Workflow: Develop a better sales process with sequences, targeting, and prospect engagement.

Create intelligent cadences
Create Sequences for sales reps
Combine multiple sales activities in a sequence
A/B testing of sequences
Persona Targeting
Dynamic Pipelines

Engagement: Quickly identify winning prospects in your 1-to-many outbound sales efforts.

We track how interested a prospect is, how many times they open or read your sales content, for how long, and who they send it to. Fileboard calls this engagement, and these actions roll into an engagement score for each prospect.
Engagement scoring for contacts and accounts
Follow up tasks based on engagement
Engagement history timelines

Email Tracking: Get alerts when prospects open emails and follow up immediately

Use your favorite email client to follow up in Fileboard.
Track Interest Page by Page
We work where you work.
Automatically logged emails and actions

Control: Workflow automatically adheres to all current email campaign policies.

Fileboard Workflow provides capabilities to manage current policies and restrictions.
Role based access control
Compliance rulesets
Team spaces

Tasks: Automated tasks based on interaction and engagement help you to follow up with sales-ready prospects first.

Fileboard Workflow takes account of engagement in every step, instead of creating rigid, immobile steps in the sales process.
Tasks for customer engagement
Reminders to follow up
Tasks for no customer response.

Templates: Learn which workflow templates and collateral generate the most opens and responses.

Re-use your winning formulas to boost close rates and help the team!
Your Template Library
More Email Insights than the competition
Spread the Love.

Content Library and Tracking: Engagement insights for every email attachment


Get alerts when prospects open attached files and learn which pages or slides they read.
Targeted Conversations
Add Video to Email Pitches

Content Library and Tracking: Insights into which content closes deals.


Find your valuable content that attracts the most interest.
Discover top performing sales collateral
Discover top performing slides
Discover top performing email templates

Voice: Intelligent Sales Dialer

Dialing indvidual numbers and manually updating records is an hassle. Introducing one-click dialing and automatic call logging in your favorite CRM.
Click to Call
Auto Save Numbers
Create New Contacs
Call recording
Listen in Live
Voicemail Drop
Call Analytics
Call logging in CRM

Reporting: Get an in-depth overview of your performance and know the impact/ROI of your team’s actions.

Reporting and Analytics
Team activity overview report
Account-Centric Reporting
Content and sales activities reports

Integration: Improve your messaging with your favorite email client using powerful Fileboard plugins.

Follow up by knowing who opens your emails and how they interact with your attachments.
Email from within Gmail and Outlook and track engagement
Add to workflow right from Gmail or Microsoft Exchange

Integrations: No need to jump between different apps and browsers to log your data and keep working.

Use all of Fileboard Workflow from within Salesforce and S1.
Use Fileboard Workflow with your favorite tools.
Track email and attachments or call from within Salesforce
Track email and attachments or call from within Salesforce

Integrations: Stop wasting time on updating records manually in your CRM. Fileboard instantly syncs all sales activities, notes and logs with your favorite CRM.

Two way sync between Fileboard and Salesforce.
Instant sync of prospects, companies and contacts
Instant sync of all sales activities, notes and logs
More powerful Salesforce reports with Fileboard Workflow data


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