Sales Meetings with Attention Tracking - Fileboard Meet

Fileboard Meet: Easy, convenient online sales meetings with attention tracking.

Present with a simple url, no downloads and track if prospects are paying attention. Engage your prospects.

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Can’t meet face to face with prospects?

Perform simple, reliable and effective online meetings with your prospects and track if they pay attention.

Detailed Live Meeting insights

See who is paying attention during the meetings.

Jump into meetings with a single click - no downloads required!

Unlike other conference programs, your attendees won’t download anything before the meeting – saving time and starting meetings faster.

Screenshares, Web demos and presentations

Present different types of content, based on your needs.

Professional, personalized meeting url

Present with your own personal url

Branded meeting environment

Brand the meeting environment with your corporate logo


Enjoy leading security, scheduling and recording features, an integrated conference bridge, and VOIP functionality.

Fileboard Online Meetings addresses all these as well.

Track Viewer Engagement

See who is paying attention during the meeting.

Roll Call and access codes

Secure your meetings with private conference codes and gateway to get every attendee’s name and email.

Native secure screensharing

Use our native presentation app to provide a optimal online meeting experience.

Record online meetings

Record online meetings for training, coaching or simply to share with prospects.

Integrated conference bridge

Every user gets a unique conference line for their Fileboard meetings.

VOIP bridge integration

Optional VOIP calling into your conference line as part of the Meeting app.


Host meetings on the go using your iOS device with your sales content all at your fingertips.

Access all your sales collateral anywhere and present with a single click.

Present on the go

Present your sales pitch no matter where you are.

All the content at your fingertips

Use Fileboard as your cloud-based briefcase for your pitch.


Get a bird eye and in depth view on the performance of your sales team and know what the impact/ROI is of the actions your sales team performs

See what meetings are leading to progression in the pipeline.

Meetings Engagement reports

See how engaged prospects are during the meetings to determine liklihood of close.

Detailed Online Meeting insights

Timeline of how various prospects are engage or tune out during the meeting, slide by slide and second by second.


No need to jump between different apps and browsers anymore.

Use all of Fileboard from within Salesforce and S1.

Online meeting features instantly available.

Add the missing engagement layer in your CRM with Fileboard.

Start online meetings within Salesforce

Start an online meeting with a single click from a lead or contact.

Conduct mobile meetings with S1

Start an online meeting with a single click from a lead or contact on your mobile device.


Stop wasting time on updating records manually in your CRM. Fileboard instantly syncs all sales activities, notes and logs with your favorite CRM.

Two way sync between Fileboard and Salesforce.

Instant sync of prospects, companies and contacts

All activity is updated in real time.

Instant sync of all sales activities, meeting notes and logs

All activity is updated in real time.

More powerful Salesforce reports with online meeting data

Add online meeting engagement data to leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, sales activities and task reports.


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