Fileboard Engage for Account Executives: Track prospect engagement and close deals faster.

Track engagement of your emails and content. Know when to follow up and make every conversation relevant.

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Integrates with...

Email Tracking

Get alerts when prospects open emails and follow up immediately

Use your favorite email client to follow up in Fileboard.

Track Interest Page by Page

Know what sales collateral your prospects read, which pages and for how long.

We work where you work.

Send trackable files from your favorite tool. Gmail, Outlook and award winning Salesforce integration.

Automatically logged emails and actions

Manage your entire sales process on one platform. Using a CRM? Log every email & activity automatically.

Sales Assistant

Know exactly when it’s time to follow up.

Sales Assistant creates tasks to get in touch when your prospects read your emails and sales content.

Get Engaged

Know exactly which prospects are engaged.

Follow-up Reminders

Busy day? Just in case you forget to follow up with certain prospects, Sales Assitant reminds you of engaged, uncontacted leads.

Don't lose out on cold prospects!

Sales Assistant keeps track of your cold or unresponsive leads, leaving more time for engaged prospects.

Content Library and Tracking

Engagement insights for every email attachment

Get alerts when prospects open attached files and learn which pages or slides they read.


Get notified the second an email gets opened - Call, email or jump right into a meeting in one click.

Targeted Conversations

What drives your prospect's interest? Develop targeted sales conversations based on their viewing habits.

Add Video to Email Pitches

See a prospect's time spent on webpages & videos. Mix your rich media into the sales pitch!


Learn which email templates and collateral generate the most opens and responses.

Re-use your winning formula

Cloud-based Templates.

Create and manage email templates directly from Gmail, Outlook, or Fileboard, and use them across any service!

Smart Insights

In-depth reporting discovers your email templates that get opened the most, have the highest CTR, and what popular sales content is used.

Spread the Love.

Share templates with your team - Upload marketing collateral for your sales teams to instantly push to their leads.

Customize your sales content

Cloud-based sales content, when and where you need it.

Easily customize your sales collateral before sending it to prospects in order to address their needs in the best way.

Tailor your content for each prospect

One click customization of every file.

Customize based on Engagement

Customize based on click & view performance

Create a richer pitch

Create voice over slides or pages.

Content Library and Tracking

Insights into which content closes deals.

Find your valuable content that attracts the most interest.

Discover top performing sales collateral

Run reports to see the sales collateral leading to closed opportunities.

Discover top performing slides

In-depth reporting shows what slides and pages drive most prospect engagement.

Discover top performing email templates

See the combination of templates and content driving the most engagement.


Intelligent Sales Dialer

Dialling indvidual numbers and manually updating records is an hassle. Introducing one-click dialing and automatic call logging in your favorite CRM.

Click to Call

We call you and your prospect with a single click.

Auto Save Numbers

Easily save new prospect details after dialing the number.

Create New Contacs

Easily create new contacts referred during a call.

Call recording

Easily record calls for training or coaching.

Listen in Live

Dial into any ongoing call for coaching.

Voicemail Drop

Share pre-recorded voicemails with one click.


Dialer uses a local area code when calling prospects.

Call Analytics

See detailed reports on number of calls, connects, & tasks performed.

Call logging in CRM

Every call activity is seamlessly logged in your CRM


Get an in-depth overview of your performance and learn the impact/ROI is of your team's actions.

Reporting and Analytics

Team activity overview report

See activity breakdown across the team such as calls, emails, and sales collateral.

Account-Centric Reporting

See roll-up of engagement on the account level.

Content and sales activities reports

Insight into content and activities driving client engagement.


Send emails from within your favorite email tools with powerful Fileboard plugins.

Follow up by knowing who opens your emails and how they interact with your attachments.

Track engagement from Gmail

Never leave your favorite email application. Use Fileboard right within your Inbox.

Track engagement from Outlook

Never leave your favorite email application. Use Fileboard right within your Inbox.


No need to jump between different apps and browsers anymore.

Use all of Fileboard from within Salesforce and S1.

Use Fileboard with your favorite tools.

Add the missing engagement layer in your CRM with Fileboard.

Track email and attachments from within Salesforce

Email right from within Salesforce and track engagement of your content.

Click to dial right from Salesforce

Use the Sales Dialer to call leads directly in Salesforce.


Stop wasting time on updating records manually in your CRM. Fileboard instantly syncs all sales activities, notes and logs with your favorite CRM.

Two way sync between Fileboard and Salesforce.

Instant sync of prospects, companies and contacts

All activity is updated real time.

Instant sync of all sales activities, notes and logs

All activity is updated real time.

More powerful Salesforce reports with Fileboard data

Add engagement data to leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and sales activities and task reports.

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