Fileboard the Leading Alternative’s Pricing

What is similiar?

Fileboard and both:

allow you to setup semi-automated workflows which make sure your reps follow a consistent process.

support email, call and social steps in workflows.

support A/B testing of sequences and open and click tracking in workflows.

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    What you get with Fileboard?

    Priced at $59 per user per month Fileboard is an integrated sales platform, catered very well for both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users and provides a patent pending and easy to learn sales process.

    • Pricing’s pricing and Fileboard pricing differ from each other. does not quote prices on the website but a quick Google search on review sites tells us that’s Pricing starts at $100 per user per month.

      For a similar package which is delivered by at the rate of $100 per user per month, Fileboard keeps it simple and charges only $59 per user per month.

    • Sales Assistant

      Sales reps often run into the challenge that leads and opportunities fall through the cracks which means the rep is unnecessarily losing deals and business.

      To address this, when you reach out to your leads and prospects, Fileboard’s patent pending Sales Assistant automatically creates follow up tasks based on interaction of your prospects with your collateral. No leads or opportunities will fall through the cracks anymore and you can always see at a glance which prospects are interested and engaged and which prospects are not.

      None of Fileboard’s competitors (including offer this.

    • Multi-step Email Workflow

      Multi-step email workflows of Fileboard help your reps to warm up leads before they start reaching out to prospects one by one, saving them valuable time and effort.

      These campaigns allow reps to send out personalized automated follow up emails based on the behavior of the recipients.

    • Intelligent Sales Process’s workflows do not adapt to actual customer engagement or your reps actions. They simply consist of static steps the rep needs to go through.

      That means your success is directly dependent on your ability to define a sales process for your reps. But how do you know that your process is based on science and not gut feeling? What if you could get a process that intelligently adapts to your reps’ actions and your prospects actions?

      Guess what, with Fileboard you can.

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    “”After starting with Filebard the team average for outbound activity increased from 80 to 200 activities per rep, per week, resulting in 40% increase in pipeline driving meetings.

    Stacey, Praetorian Digital

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    Feature comparison

    Seamless SalesForce integration
    Automated Multi touch Prospecting Campaigns
    Multitask Outbound Dialer
    Integrated Sales Platform
    Account Based Reporting

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