Fileboard: the Leading Alternative’s Pricing

  • Organize your emails, calls, and social outreach for consistent productivity with semi-automated workflows.
  • Optimize your sales cadence with A/B testing and robust engagement analytics
  • Sales assistant AI takes your prospecting to the next level with engagement scoring and customized follow-up suggestions.
  • A variety of sales and productivity tools to help you close the sale.

Starting at $44/user/month*

(Billed annually, $59/user billed monthly )


More features at a competitive price.’s pricing starts at $100 per month per user, with no monthly payment option. Fileboard charges $59 per user per month for all the same features plus our sales assistant ai, an award winning salesforce integration, better control over your workflow sequences,  and more!


Our Powerful Sales Assistant AI.

The challenge sales reps often run into is following up with leads and opportunities before they move on to another vendor or lose interest. Fileboard’s patent pending Sales Assistant addresses this by automatically creating follow up tasks based on interactions of your prospects with your emails and content when you reach out to your prospects. Instead of letting opportunities fall through the cracks, you’ll be able to see exactly how engaged your leads are to reach out at just the right time.

None of Fileboard’s competitors (including offer this.


Better ways to engage your prospects

Fileboard’s multi-step email workflows allow reps to send out personalized automated follow up emails based on the behavior of the recipients. These workflows help your reps to warm up leads before they reach out to prospects one by one, saving them valuable time and effort.’s workflows consist of static steps the rep needs to go through rather than adapting to customer engagement or your reps actions like Fileboard’s.

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“”After starting with Filebard the team average for outbound activity increased from 80 to 200 activities per rep, per week, resulting in 40% increase in pipeline driving meetings.
Stacey, Praetorian Digital



Seamless SalesForce integration
Automated Multi touch Prospecting Campaigns
Multitask Outbound Dialer
Integrated Sales Platform
Account Based Reporting

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