Optimize Your Pipeline Acceleration Process in 2015

Sales Pipeline acceleration has become the need of the moment because firms want to close the sales cycle as early as possible with maximum output. The earlier the sales cycle is closed, the sooner the firm will earn the revenue. A Harvard University study suggests that 25% of sales cycles take 7 months or longer to close. As a sales manager, your job would be not to fall among those 25% of firms. The process is a tough one, but full-scale alignment of marketing and sales departments results in success for the firm.

Content marketing is a crucial factor for Sales Pipeline Acceleration

As a sales manager, your job is to ensure a smooth transition. Marketing automation has contributed a lot in the development of pipeline acceleration in recent times. How do you do it? We’re going to show you how.

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Focus on leads who are ready to talk

There was a time when sales reps only had to identify prospects that were a fit for their product. Nowadays, the sales rep also must determine the right time to reach out to these prospects. Marketing automation eases this process with features such as automated lead scoring and grading. Lead grading separates qualified leads from unqualified leads on the basis of company size and industry. On the other hand, lead scoring analyzes buying signals from the prospect and assigns scores which give a good picture of the prospect’s level of interest and buying intention. This ensures that the sales reps reach the prospects at the right time.

Sales Pipeline Acceleration

Use a proactive approach in determining interests and pain points

The activities of a prospect on your website can tell you more than the right time to contact you. It tells you about their interests and the problems that they are facing. Your job is to provide solutions for their problems. Pages visited, links clicked, form submissions, etc. can give you a good idea of this. All of this information forms a comprehensive profile of the prospect. This helps in leading to a far more meaningful conversation with the prospect. The proactive approach allows the sales rep to skip generic sales pitches and focus on the selling points which are most relevant to the prospect.

Pipeline acceleration determines the rate at which firms earn their revenue

Build relationships with prospects before speaking to them

People are hesitant to speak with sales reps until they’ve conducted enough research on their own. This does not mean your firm cannot be a part of this research process. Marketing automation makes this job easy by placing the colder leads on an automated lead nurturing track and slowly transforming them into a sales-ready state. By giving them useful information through email over a period of time, the sales reps develop a feeling of trust in the prospect’s mind. The prospects start identifying the sales rep as a dependable source. The key is that these emails should be sent from an individual sales rep, so the prospect has a contact to reach out with questions and begin the relationship building process.

Pipeline acceleration saves a significant amount of your sales rep’s time which can be utilized in some other sales-related activity.