Notes From The CEO: Looking Forward To 2017 - Fileboard

From The Desk Of Fileboard’s CEO

2016 is coming to a close, and with the new year around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect. We also want to extend a warm welcome to this year’s new customers, we’re excited they’ve joined us in the journey to turn sales teams into trusted advisors.

In past years we have developed solutions to help sales rep become more productive and successful at their job. All along our effort has always been to make the sales rep deeply focused and connected with their prospect. Until now we have never really articulated this very specifically, but heading into 2017 we’ve formally recognized and adopted this into our mission. What we are really doing day in and day out is turning sales reps into trusted advisors using our technology solutions. What do we mean?

Trusted Advisors are still sales reps, what separates all sales reps from this title is their approach and interaction with prospects. Their first priority is to determine if they can really help the prospect, so by default they think there is a big chance that they will have to say no to the prospect. Fileboard really helps with targeting the right accounts and personas which makes sure that prospects being contacted are the right fit for the sales rep.

Once connected, it’s really about providing insights to the prospect instead of pushing features. This requires genuinely being interested and understanding the problems of your prospect. It’s a well known fact that a sales rep that is first to provide sound insights will walk away with the deal.

Your sales reps can quickly find the specific pain points of your prospects with Fileboard, but how they apply this knowledge sets apart the trusted advisors. Building a relationship where your input on solving these pain points is key to this role, and you’ll have more loyal customers and better deals as a result. We’ll be releasing important educational material to help you adapt the trusted advisor approach in the new year, so stay tuned to our blog for these.

Looking Forward

This year has brought a lot of new changes to Fileboard; This year we launched our patented, AI-based Sales Assistant. We’ve also added a outbound dialer and prospecting campaigns integrated with content to provide better sales development.

We’re not stopping there in 2017, and our roadmap will continue to deliver capabilities which will have a positive impact on the salespersons life. We will continue to differentiate ourselves in the noisy sales tech space. At this point I want to take a moment to say a couple of things about the sales tech market.

Sales Technology Market

I feel vendors selling sales technology owe an apology to those looking to solve their sales productivity problem. I’m reminded of a old saying:

“If you have a hammer then everything looks like a nail.”

It seems that vendors are interested in are building the sales stack for clients, and in the process forget why customers are looking to purchase sales tech in the first place. The result is many companies are now sitting on a number of tools sometimes disappointed, other times struggling with adoption and more often seeing no real impact on their sales results. I anticipate that we will start to see consolidation in the sales tech space where piecemeal solutions will start to become irrelevant.

Customers will be looking for technology that can really impact their end to end process. There’s the obvious benefit of reducing cost, but more importantly reducing the inefficiencies resulting from multiple tools and having sales data in multiple systems. It’s still impossible to gather real insights if your process is supported by several systems connected together. Clients will look for solutions which provide holistic insights and at the same time reduce tool fatigue.

Narrowing it down further, it is going to become very important to have sales technology which just does not automate or provide cadences for techniques which don’t work.

For example, we know only 2% of calls result in an appointment, yet we are buying software to setup cadences to do exactly that.

Sales managers will start moving away from process compliance because that is what I call these tools. “Great everybody is the following process we have laid out”. This gives management a peace of mind but a critical look at impact would reveal a horrifying story.

This is why at Fileboard we have never adopted the approach of automating strategies which we know have had their best days but are focused on outcome.

The sales rep of the future will not be spamming prospects with email or hammering the phone with cold calls but will connect at a deep level, provide insights and become the trusted advisor. Only sales software that takes fundamentally different approach is going to help achieve this goal. I am proud to say that Fileboard has differentiated itself in this way and will continue to do so.

More Power To Trusted Advisors

By combining content tracking for insights, Fileboard’s Sales Assistant focuses on the right prospects at right time, and our powerful outbound tools with a frictionless integration for CRMs , sales teams across the globe can forge stronger relationships with their clients and close deals faster. With customer engagement as the primary driver for every Fileboard tool, we help our customers focus on leads at the right time and right place.

We built Fileboard to make our customers top sellers with more insights into their deals than any other salespeople or marketers. I pledge that we’ll uphold that commitment in 2017 and beyond.
Thanks again to your continued support of Sales’ best friend, and we’ll continue to support you!

Khuram Hussain, CEO Fileboard.