How should I prioritize my prospects with the new Fileboard Dashboard?

In the New Fileboard Dashboard, learn the best way to prioritize interested prospects. Grab your coffee, crack your knuckles, and get in front of your laptop. Read on and don’t worry, we’ve figured that out for you.

Welcome to the new Fileboard Dashboard. Here’s where all your important contacts live, and we’ll give you information about which Fileboard tool to use to get them further down the sales pipeline.
First up is your daily tasks: see what’s up next and who you’ll be selling to. Simply click on the name to view all the engagement information relating to that prospect, and see some different options about how to reach out to them.

Just below are your Engaged prospects. Those in green are who you need to work with immediately. They’re the leads reading & replying to your emails, flipping through your presentations & catalogs, and are getting ready to cut a deal. Work on these prospects first, as they’re getting along in your sales funnel.

Yellow prospects are a little less interested; they might have just opened your email once a few days ago. A red prospect isn’t as interested or engaged, but you can click on each one and view how they’ve interacted with your content. It may just take a little nurturing to get these leads warmed up; send out a follow up email or call right now since we know it takes at least 6 touches to connect.

Lastly, at the bottom of the page are your unresponsive prospects. These are the people who never opened your email, or maybe never made it to your scheduled meeting. These are most likely your least interested prospects, but it can take up to 5 touches to connect, so attempt to get in touch, just in case they missed your call on accident!

With these tasks in Fileboard, you’ll never have a question of who and when to follow up. Stay on top of your leads the moment they get engaged, and never let interested prospects slip away.