Modern Sales Funnel Needs Efficient Prospecting & Process

Modernizing your sales funnel is a mainstream practice nowadays. However, understanding of the term modernization varies across industries and opinion leaders. In our meetups with a number of inside sales experts, we identified two different types of improvements that work together to modernize your sales funnel:

  • Process improvements.
  • Prospecting improvements.

Invest in valuable & practical services to improve your Sales Funnel

Now that inside sales is the new norm, the amount of time your sales development reps spend on prospecting is huge. Without using a service or tool to help,  it’s easy for reps to get lost in a sea of sales tasks and lose tons of time that could have been spent more productively.  Investing in services like databases with great filters, sales engagement platforms, and analytic services. Investing here will help them understand their target markets better and figure out the best ways to sell to them.
On the same page with us now? Improving your sales funnel will need careful and an expert investment of your time and resources.

Sales Funnel improvement relies heavily on prospecting efficiently and effectively

As simple as it sounds, this should be the main focus of your attention. Prospecting is the most important and fundamental activity of growing your sales funnel. You can’t ignore it because you have to scale up.

In prospecting, preparation is of great importance. If you are sending a cold email or simply dialing in on a cold call, you have to know everything you can about the prospect. You need to check the company’s size, latest news and developments, competitors, and more. Instead of trying to play a numbers game, do your research and segment prospects so that you know how to change your messaging for each group. Quality always beats quantity when it comes to outreach because you learn more from your mistakes. What works for one group may not work for another, which is why good research and segmentation is so important.

You can find a decent number of databases that keep records of companies, their professionals, their current hires, latest news, and social media updates. Information from these companies can do wonders for your sales funnel if you remain creative and persistent. Knowing things like these in relation to your industry would give you quite the idea of how you can approach the person to get a response as well as a healthy conversation.

The second ingredient to revolutionize your prospecting process is persistence. Once you’ve identified audiences worth investing time into, you need to reach out to them consistently, for at least 2 weeks. The best way to do this is with an outbound sales cadence. By scheduling out at least 10 emails and calls over 15 days you can help to ensure that you’re consistently reaching your prospects.

We’ve included 4 free sales cadence templates in our Guide to Creating a Strong Sales Cadence E-Book

The last ingredient for your sales funnel improvement is persuasion. However, from persuasion we never mean that you should jump right in with an elevator pitch all the time. Instead, make your conversation more like discovering something valuable together. Generate your prospects interest with something that’s exciting but equally realistic. And last but not the least, LISTEN. Listen carefully without losing focus. Being attentive and showing that you’re listening to the details shows well on you and your company, while acting like you know it all can have the opposite effect.


Follow these guidelines to improve your old school sales funnel by making it efficient and promising!