Why Lead Management Matters In Your Sales Process - Fileboard

How many of your prospects languish in pipeline purgatory?

When it comes to your direct interactions with a prospect, every second counts. Their time is your most valuable metric. If you can’t meet them face to face, how do you know if they’re genuinely interested in what you’re selling? Every salesperson knows to pitch to a prospects’ needs and interests. You wouldn’t sell bubblegum to a coffee shop, so finding what to focus your pitch on saves everyone a lot of time. [tweet “Tracking Engagement drives sales, not the other way around”] What if you could see what pages they looked at in your sales deck, and for how long. You might have explained features X and Y to them, when they were really just interested in feature Z. We’ve had plenty of customers who want 3/4ths of our product, and we learned in the pipeline how to sell them that 3/4ths. We know what they’re paying attention to in our meetings, and what they’ve been looking at in our presentations. A sales rep’s greatest fear is losing a customer because the customer didn’t know you had the product they wanted. Tracking engagement drives sales, not the other way around.

Unfortunately, We Don’t Live In A Binary World

Oh, how we all wish this were so easy. There are many shades of interest coming from your prospects, those who have an invoice in hand and are ready to sign, to those who need 2 fiscal quarters to review and test your product. So the fact is; your prospects have varying levels of interest, how do you adapt your pitches to those levels of interest?

The Answer: Scalable Follow-ups based on specific interest

Here’s some data to chew on; these are results from actual emails sent out. With this information, we know how often files have been viewed by prospects, how recently they have engaged, and their overall interest in our emails and File Links. We can take these highly engaged prospects and either prospect them directly, or throw the most engaged ones into a specific, personalized download track. This brief overview serves to illustrate who in a sales process deserves the most attention, and finding their real page-by-page insights is just a click away. The timeless quality over quantity statement comes into play here. Why waste time following up with any cold or uninterested leads when you can be closing deals with interested prospects? The data is there, they’re looking at your sales collateral, and all it takes is a for you to reach out to have that next talk.

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