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Today is the start of the European Inside Sales World Conference in Dublin, Ireland. We’d encourage all our European readers to catch the next flight over to the Irish capitol for the leading conference for all Inside Sales teams! To sweeten the deal, stop by the Fileboard booth for a cup of gourmet European coffee, and pick the brains of our sales experts on the latest in Inside Sales, Account Based Sales, and the future of sales software.

Spoilers Ahead!

We’ve got a great presentation lined up for everyone today at the conference, and check back on Friday for a full recap of our CEO, Khuram Hussain, detailing the 4 ways you can LOSE and 4 ways you can WIN in Account Based Sales.
In the meantime, we’d like to give you a sneak peek below, especially if you can’t make it to ISW Dublin, on our top tips for Account Based Sales.

Have you built out your Ideal Customer Profile?

It is important to connect with multiple personas at a target account. When entering a new market we still may be doing a lot of discovery on what persona is going to buy from us. It goes without saying that we will be targeting different categories and personas. For example, if we are selling sales software then we may be targeting sales management and sales reps. It is important not to confuse the persona with actual job titles of your target buyer. Think of persona’s as the general buckets which define possible buyers. Within that bucket we might targeting multiple job titles for example: Sales VP, Sales Director, Sales Management. The right ABS solution should be able to provide this type of analysis. ABS is all about relationships at multiple levels within the target account. Obviously not everybody in the account needs to hear from the sales person but we do need to figure out the stakeholders for each opportunity.

Understand the value of Customer Consensus

In a modern B2B setting, you have to persuade a whole team of the values of your product. The ability of groups of disparate agents to come together to make a sales­-related decision is referred to as customer consensus, and you’ll need to understand the psychology of group decision making to be a successful salesperson in this context.
A frequently reported study published by CEB in 2015 found that on average, more than 5 decision makers must sign off on a B2B purchase. This is precisely why we recommend getting to know as many members of the company as a whole. Different needs for departments or even team members should drive your pitch, and the more you know about each decision maker will make your pitch smarter and lead to a better deal for both firms.

5 decision makers, that probably means 5 different job titles and 5 different responsibilities. If you can’t make a majority of these people happy, they won’t sign on the dotted line.

Want some more fresh tips? Grab a special cup of Fileboard coffee at ISW Dublin, and let our sales experts give you our best practices in Account Based Sales.

We’ll see you there!