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Fileboard and* both provide ways to present through showing a live presentation and/or sharing your screen.

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Fileboard is designed specifically for sales professionals and sales managers and provides them many analytics they need to clear zombie deals, which they should nurture, from their pipeline and and focus on the engaged opportunities to close more business.


Actionable insights related to prospects attention

Fileboard is designed specifically for sales professionals and sales managers and provides them many analytics they need to clear zombie deals from their pipeline and close more business. Among other insights it shows you whether your viewer was paying attention or not during the screen share or live presentation. These actionable insights show you how effective your meeting was and if your prospect is truly engaged and ready to buy (or not). is not a product which is specifically designed to help sales professionals to close more deals, does not give you any of the insights which Fileboard provides in order to differentiate between warm and cold opportunities and help you close more business.


Sharing files and knowing how your prospects engaged with these files

Fileboard also allows you to share all kinds of sales collateral such as powerpoint, video, webpages and pdf presentations. You can share these with your prospects via email before and/or after your live meeting and when your prospects open the link and view the presentation, Fileboard alerts you and provides engagement analytics showing you:

when your prospect opened your presentation
which slides your prospect viewed
how much time your prospect spent on each slide
from which location your prospect viewed your presentation does not provide any of these insights.


Seamless integration with

Say goodbye to manually logging activity in Fileboard provides you the option to start meetings directly from the interface and also to look at analytics which are related to the meetings directly from Fileboard also provides a specific tab in Salesforce which allows you to use the entire Fileboard application directly from within Salesforce. You and your sales reps never need to navigate away from the screen. This is something that does not offer.

Fileboard is the best choice for all sales professionals as it supports them through all phases of their sales process. Typically this starts with prospecting. Fileboard supports sales professionals with it’s mass email capabilities while providing you engagement insights. Once sales calls are planned then Fileboard live meeting capabilities can be used for presentations and demo’s. Again at this stage real time engagement metrics and after the call analysis help sales professional decide the appropriate approach for moving the opportunity to close.

Once opportunities start moving to close then the content capabilities of Fileboard help you to be more relevant and allow for timely follow up. Fileboard really helps sales professionals to focus on the winnable opportunities and is not simply a meeting tool like

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“”Our sales cycle has been reduced from 90 days to 30 days since we began using Fileboard. We’ve also seen an overall a 50% increase in our average deal size.

Ron, Work4 Labs



Seamless SalesForce integration
In Depth Engagement Reporting
Documents Engagement Tracking

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