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Inside Sales reps have some of the most challenging lives, keeping workers on their toes. You just can’t confuse an Inside Sales job with any regular desk job. Professional salespeople are highly focused, organized, and well prepared for any challenge. They’re like the ninjas of the office: quick learners, ready to change tasks at a moments notice, and prepared for unusual challenges.

Today we’re going to discuss some activities that top performing, successful Inside Sales reps practice every work day.

1. Early to bed and early to rise!

Successful people are typically morning people. I know, we aren’t changing anyone’s worldview with that statement, but having an early start has some serious benefits. Your morning ritual with the New York Times and a mocha might be personal time, but today’s news might trickle into your sales conversations. You can combine this with your strategy to establish a relationship with your clients, and we don’t have to tell you that the clients who like you will buy more.

Inside sales reps have stressful workdays, so taking time in the morning to read can help relax and prepare you for the day ahead.

Do you work out or jog? If not, then get out and start doing it. Nothing helps more than a fresh start in the morning with a clear head. Say goodbye to body aches and strains which DEFINITELY affect your efficiency. If possible, a short walk around the office can help during the day and get the blood flowing.

After a long and challenging day, another noticeable perk of waking up early and working out is you’ll be able to sleep easier, and wake up fresh again. With how hectic sales jobs can be, a good long sleep is a must to keep your stress down, and maintain a good performance!

Take this mantra for every day: Stay fresh, stay updated and stay at top of everything!

Inside Sales reps are like the ninjas of the office: quick learners, ready to change tasks at a moments notice, and prepared for unusual challenges.

2. Start Planning out your day!

You need to enter your office at the earliest and start catching up on your tasks and appointments. Most of the inside sales reps like to keep sticky notes, some people post sticky notes on their calendars, and some people just have a sticky notes app on their desktop. It’s totally up to you. But plan out your day and what you have to do in order to accomplish every task in advance so that you don’t miss them.

After you’ve woken up and exercised, it’s time to enter the office and start catching up on your daily tasks and appointments. Some people stay organized with sticky notes, calendars, or computer programs that keep track of their day. It’s completely up to you! Success is based in organization, so if you have trouble staying on task, try switching up how you plan your days out.

3. Greet your new Prospects First!

While you’re fresh and have all your energy in the morning, why not reach out to some new leads? Imagine how you feel after a long day, tired and stressed out. Who would want to talk to you then? It’s important to prioritize your well-being, and put your mood and alert mind to good use.

Inside sales reps

4. Follow up with new prospects right after the first call!

Immediately following up with prospects after your first meeting is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Debrief them with the talking points from your conversation, and remind them how your product or offering directly helps them solve their issues. Be sure to include a calendar invite to the next meeting, and schedule it then if possible. Remember to update your CRM, and include every data point from your outreach activities to track your lead’s progress.

5. Start your demos!

Once inside sales reps are finished with their prospects, they begin their demos scheduled for the day with prospects from previous weeks. Focus on the issues these prospects are facing, and apply your product as a solution to their issues. Evaluate the capabilities of your solution and in what capacity it will help your prospect. Don’t forget to do Step #4 with this round of prospects as well!

An experienced sales rep likes to reach out to new people every day with a fresh mind & a well researched pitch.

6. Have a sales & growth meeting every day!

Yes, every day! It’s important to learn and improve your sales skills every day after your outreach and prospecting activities are finished for the day. Try to share what you did, if your pitch changed at all and why, you found and what you learned about how to sell your product. Similarly, try to utilize information shared by your colleagues and new things they found, new strategies they discovered and what improvements they think you can bring to your sales kit. Try to find new customer segments and new strategies. Good inside sales reps will never stop learning!

7. Align your sales activities with the marketing team

Before leaving the office, why not touch base with the marketing team and try to get new ebooks and content that you can read by yourself to update your knowledge. You can also send this latest content to your prospects in your next sales meetings and demos. Successful inside sales reps always align their activities and findings with the marketing team. Too often, sales and marketing teams are at odds with one another. Your marketing team should be your greatest ally, so make friends with them!

8. Home Sweet Home!

Try to get back home early and spend some time with your family. Don’t forget to read something new before finally going to bed. Again, a good sales professional never stops learning! Following this routine consistently will develop your sales skills and personality, and address issues with your sales pitch and prospect interactions.

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