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The Importance of


Sales Follow-Up

How to optimally follow up with your prospects

Following Up Is More Than Just Staying Top Of Mind.

The buying process is now not only initiated by the customer, but also  halfway completed through online research before they ever speak to a sales rep. In reality, a prospect is likely also in talks with a competitor if they are speaking with with you. Therefore, following up is more than just staying at the top of your prospects mind, it’s an art of figuring out your buyer’s needs and how your product can fulfill those needs better than the other sales reps going for the same account. Our whitepaper shows you how to use follow-up best practices to stick out by nurturing your relationship with a prospect from that of a seller and buyer, to one of an informed decision maker and a trusted consultant.

What’s Inside:


How Follow-Ups Evolve Through The Buying Process


Providing Value to Prospects


Email Follow up Best Practices


Following up with Presentations