Happy Independence Day from Fileboard! - Fileboard

Happy 4th to our American Fileboard users! We are proud to take part in honoring our nation’s birthday. As a gentle reminder, the Fileboard offices and support lines will be closed on Tuesday in observance of Independence Day.

Along with our holiday celebrations, we wanted to take care of a number of announcements, and give a quick preview to some upcoming features in your Fileboard account!

First and foremost, to our users who send our mass email campaigns, you may have noticed a small link on your campaign’s status page called Touches.

Touches is a handy way to identify which email templates you’ve used, how they have performed individually, and the time between each contact in your multi-touch campaign.

Next, we’ve also updated our Outlook plugin for Fileboard! In addition to the previous suite of function, such as loading and saving templates and new files as File Links, the Fileboard Outlook plugin can schedule your meetings! For more on this and how to use the Fileboard plugin, please read our Outlook plugin setup guide.