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Fileboard’s Guide to Creating a Strong Sales Cadence

Our Complete Guide to Contacting and Nurturing Leads

Smarter Prospect Outreach Starts with a Strong Sales Cadence.

A good sales cadence should filter out any undesirable prospects, but a great sales cadence will generate business. Sales cadences are about more than the frequency and content of your emails, they’re about engaging your prospects in a digital, and sometimes actual conversation. How you interact with your leads should vary from group to group, and you should keep in mind the myriad factors that go into their buying decisions in order to use them to your advantage as you reach out to them. This E-Book walks you through the process of creating a sales cadence, and how to use one to nurture leads stuck in your sales funnel. 

What’s Inside:


How To Create A Sales Cadence


Always On Nurturing – Prospects Stuck in the Funnel


4 Sales Cadence Example Templates