File Link Friday: Send Content Faster With New Gmail And Outlook Plugins! - Fileboard

Content Tracking is a critical function for reps in Sales 2.0. Knowing what pages of your sales content your prospects actually read can give you the upper hand to closing a deal faster, or understanding the real needs of your prospects.

Fileboard wants to help you send out your sales content with the tools you’re used to using, such as Gmail or Outlook. That’s why we’re rolling out our new Gmail and Outlook plugins, where from your favorite email client, you can upload new content to Fileboard and attach into a trackable email as a File Link, all in one step! Let’s take a quick look at how this works.

Through this plugin, you can log any email in Salesforce, load up your saved email templates, and most importantly, get notified when your email or File Links are opened!

Any file currently in your Fileboard content library can instantly be added as a File Link.

We’ve just introduced an exciting new feature to the plugin: save time with the Upload File(s) button by adding files from your desktop, into Fileboard, and into your email as a trackable File Link, all through one quick process! To get started, download and run the Outlook Plugin installer here!
Note: Please close your Outlook program before running the plugin installer

In Gmail, we’ve got a visually different UI, but the same features are available! Get your prospects engagement analytics on any file you want, whether it’s in your sales library, on your computer, or on your storage server! Ready to get started? Search “Fileboard” in the Chrome App store, or click here to visit our page!

Faster Workflows for Busy People

We know you’re always working through your sales leads, so Fileboard wants to work in your workflow, not take you out of the tools you know. Adding a File Link can be as easy as a few extra clicks before you send off your sales email, but those extra clicks can add up to many extra deals!