Fileboard The Leading Clearslide Competitor’s Pricing

Both platforms provide ways for sales reps to reach out to customers and view how engaged a customer is.
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The biggest difference…Besides being far easier to use, is pricing! On top of that Fileboard does not ask your reps to change what they are doing, it rather lets you work out of your favorite programs; Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail.



ClearSlide pricing and Fileboard pricing differ from each other as ClearSlide Pricing starts at $95 per user per month for the Enterprise edition and $65 per user per month for the Group Edition and additional fee is charged for features such as Customized Branding, Logging activity in your CRM, Single Sign-On, API Access and more.

Fileboard keeps it simple and charges $49 per user per month for a similar package which is delivered by ClearSlide starting from $95 per user per month.


Sales Assistant

Sales reps often run into the challenge that leads and opportunities fall through the cracks which means the rep is unnecessarily losing deals and business.

To address this, when you reach out to your leads and prospects, Fileboard’s patent pending Sales Assistant automatically creates follow up tasks based on interaction of your prospects with your collateral. No leads or opportunities will fall through the cracks anymore and you can always see at a glance which prospects are interested and engaged and which prospects are not.

None of Fileboard’s competitors (including ClearSlide) offer this.


Seamless SalesForce integration

Due to the two-way SalesForce integration between Fileboard and Salesforce, Fileboard also allows you to access 100% of its functionally from the SalesForce interface. You never leave the SalesForce platform to use Fileboard, which leads to a higher adoption rate of Salesforce and Fileboard and a more efficient sales process.

None of the above mentioned SalesForce related benefits are provided by ClearSlide.


Multi-step Email Workflow

Multi-step email workflows of Fileboard help your reps to warm up leads before they start reaching out to prospects one by one, saving them valuable time and effort. These campaigns allow reps to send out personalized automated follow up emails based on the behavior of the recipients.

Unlike Fileboard ClearSlide only allows reps to send out standard one-off mass email campaigns.

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“”Our sales cycle has been reduced from 90 days to 30 days since we began using Fileboard. We’ve also seen an overall a 50% increase in our average deal size.

Ron, Work4 Labs



Seamless SalesForce integration
Automated Multi touch Prospecting Campaigns
Multitask Outbound Dialer
Non-Java based Screen Sharing
User friendliness
Open API for third party integration

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