Fileboard Salesman Profile: Atiq - Fileboard

Today we interview one of our own: Our senior accounts director, Atiq Khan. Atiq’s been with Fileboard since the start, and we wanted to get his perspective on just how Fileboard has transformed the world of sales in a brief interview.

Describe your day to day tasks

“So I always start my day checking my Fileboard Dashboard, I want to get a sense of who may have responded or engaged with any sales content or documents I send their way, I’ll get an instant sense of who is looking for what, and when I need to next follow up. Once I’ve scheduled these tasks or spoken to these current leads, I work through my daily product demonstrations. So I get leads pushed to me from two sources, our Business Development team finds us interested outbound opportunities, and our Sales Development team works on the inbound traffic from our marketing efforts or just general requests to see our product. I provide that next step with the product demonstration and lead these prospects to the close.”

Where do you find your leads?

“The BDR team uses lead generation software for their outbound efforts, otherwise we source our leads from inbound requests and the SDR team.”

What’s your most-used tool in your job?

“Fileboard’s Meet program is critical to my business. Since my live demonstrations are what pushes my deals to a close, I’m presenting slides or screen sharing to walk through the Fileboard program more than any other tool excluding email. I even have more conversations in Fileboard Meet’s phone conferencing tool than I do in individual phone calls.”

Which Fileboard tool do you believe contributes the most to closing a deal?

“I firmly believe the #1 driver of closed deals is Fileboard’s engagement scoring. When you can tell when your leads look at a sales pamphlet, and what pages they look at, you know there is momentum in the deal. You can harness that momentum to push the deal to a close, and then reflect on what closed that deal and apply it to subsequent leads.”

What does Sales Motivation mean to you?

Every closed deal gives me energy and motivates me. Going back to what I mentioned on momentum, Sales is about creating those opportunities to push the deal further at the right time to close.”

What was your most difficult deal to close you think Fileboard helped contribute to?

“There are a lot of definitions of what constitutes a ‘difficult’ deal, but I believe difficult deals are measured by the volume of meetings taking place before any paperwork is signed. An advertising agency we closed took 6-7 demos and meetings before even starting a trial of the software, all the while comparing and contrasting us to competitors. The keys to that deal involved creating a champion internally at that company early on, someone who could tout the deal to their colleagues to create more internal support for Fileboard. Creating that champion meant addressing their pain points specifically, and I found those by tracking their engagement in a product overview I sent to them after our very first meeting. If we had not worked to encourage that internal Fileboard champion, that deal would have lasted months before closing.”

What’s the best tip you can give to move prospects through each stage of the pipeline?

“Make sure your prospects are properly qualified! Figure out their pain, need, and how does your product address that need, so you can add value and come to a close. Otherwise you are just wasting your time, their time, and everyone is left unhappy.
The art isn’t in trying to sell as much as possible, the art is trying to talk to as many people as possible who have a need for your product or service.This way, you don’t have to force your product on people, you can address their specific needs and you only need to specify the value proposition in the conversation.”