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Kick-Ass Sales Follow Up

”The idea of tracking and following how and if clients/prospects are connecting with us over e-mail. It’s helpful to see who is connecting and what they are viewing. In the past it was more of a send and hope.”

Love it!

”I love that I can track the emails and see when my clients open my file links and I can see how long they view them for. It is very useful for the follow-up.”

Be in two places at one time! Track everything!!

”I use tracking and email campaigns most. Fileboard allows me to know everyone who views my presentations which shows me who the correct people to follow up with are. This is very important since it help me spend my time most effectively.”

Great solution and getting better!

”Easy to use. Allows for get tracking of stats for each file and each open. Really opens me up to understanding who is seeing what and what about it they like, without me using my time with them to work that out.”

Fileboard is a very useful sales tool

”Fileboard allows me to be much more efficient in my Sales pursuits. I can easily see who has interest in my products and know who to spend additional time on.”

Simple to use Presentation App

”Great tool that lets you upload presentations to customers and you can track exactly which slides they are viewing. You send them a link an dyou get notifed when they open your slides.”

Fileboard allows salespeople to be in two places at one time.

”If you utilize scheduling email campaigns it allows you to be reaching out to new prospects via mass email campaigns and also make follow up with phone calls to current clients at the same time. It is extremely helpful with time management and getting the most out of your work day.”

Fileboard is extremely valuable.

”My team finds Fileboard essential for a virtual sales team. The ability to orchestrate live presentations and demo’s in invaluable. The email analytics with sending file links is also essential. The platform is super user friendly. The integration into Salesforce is great. Most importantly, the customer support is top notch from Top Down. It’s nice to work with a partner that listens to your requests and are always interested in ways to help improve their solution to meet our needs. Thanks Fileboard.”

Amazing Tool!!

”Great for client presentations. Live meeting lets you control the presentation and make sure your clients are focused on what you are presenting.”

A Great Sales Tool

”As a Sales Director, it is hugely valuable for me to know when my clients and prospects are opening the materials I am sending to them. Fileboard allows me to do that. Also, being able to present in real time, tracking the engagement of each participant, allows me to see how far down the sales funnel I am. A very useful tool to make my job as a salesperson that much easier!”

One of the best sales tools to date!

”Our Inside Sales team benefits greatly from the live meeting feature, being able to reach any prospect at any time. The ability to present in real time, track engagement and manage the meeting from a screen to multiple parties, make it invaluable to any sales organization. Every enhancement and add on only solidifies its already strong presence in the marketplace. Sales professionals and clients alike find it so easy to use and a necessity in today’s business world!”

An excellent tool to enhance the sales experience

”Our existing clients and prospects often comment on the quality of our sales calls when we leverage the power of Fileboard to enhance the conversation. We use the Live Meeting feature often and have never had any negative experiences in terms of usability. The E-mail link feature is a great solution to provide our clients with information that we can track. The tracking features allow us to determine what is the most effective sales collateral. We use this information to continually update and refine our materials and presentations. Fileboard has become a tool for our sales team that would be hard to imagine not having available.”

Best kept secret

”How do you manage to meet as many clients as possible and present your offering? How do you engage them over the phone and close that meeting? Sending them an email doesn’t mean they’re following the conversation and it certainly doesn’t mean you have their complete attention. Since using Fileboard, I impress my clients by directing them to join me by simply typing out an URL, the live meeting feature allows to have visuals to, the efficiency of sending out the file and getting a notification that your file has been opened allows to smart and timely follow-ups. I recommend this to everyone and my clients always ask me to tell them more about my experience. I highly encourage you to try it; you’ll be a believer and wonder why you didn’t learn about this earlier.”

Excellent Customer Service, Support, and Product

”Not only is Fileboard a great tool for a sales team, but it also proves its worth with training and marketing. The customer and tech support is fabulous and Fileboard is always ready and willing to offer assistance through extra training sessions, one on one, and trouble shooting etc. I would highly recommend the tool as well as the company.”

Great Service, and very helpful

”I think this is a great tool, and very effective at controlling the sales process with prospective clients. I’ve had a pretty good experience.”

Sales Enablement

”Streamline your content sharing internally and enables you to track engagement when sending info outbound. Easy to use, great insights.”

Reliable sharing at your fingertips

”Great way to add value with your client. Working 100% virtually, Fileboard allows for a much more ‘real’ experience and for a faster resolution and transfer of knowledge. Seeing is believing.”

FileBoard delivers

”FileBoard has been a great value to our company. As a presentation, collaboration and file delivery platform it works beautifully. It fits well with our sales process and allows us to effectively present our proposals. We have also gained a great deal of insight post presentation. Thus allowing us to effectively follow up and target our follow up based on the recipient’s activity with our proposals. This product extends the capabilities of a professional sales team.The seamless integration with SalesForce is an added value and further strengthens the product.”

Work smarter, not harder with Fileboard!

”Prospecting is huge for our growing company. I love that I can use Fileboard to prioritize my time, and reach out to those that show engagement quickly! Fileboard has been easy to set up, integrate with Salesforce and use. Most importantly, it has worked when I have needed it to- during presentations with clients. They have been able to join my presentation easily, that means my time is spent communicating with them about our solution and not walking them though the technology of connecting to the meeting. Presentations, emails, and collateral all look more professional since making the transition to Fileboard.”


”Fileboard has been fantastic to use. The ability to track if people are viewing the proposal you are presenting has made my ability as a presenter much better. When someone is not engaged you know what you are doing is not working and it is time for a change. I also really love the SalesForce compatibility that makes it very easy to connect information to leads and accounts. I highly recommend using Fileboard.”

A real game changer

”Fileboard fills the gaps within the sales process and integrates well with salesforce. The fileboard sales and support team and been amazing to work with and are very responsive to questions. I love the products ability to improve on the sales teams collaborate approach, and build professional level quotes and presentations quickly and effectively. As a senior leader, I find the backend analytics very useful in coaching and identifying opportunities that are progressing and those that need attention. A great product and sales tool!!”

A very insightful tool

”Fileboard fits well into our sales process and has really improved and increased overall activity. It is extremely beneficial to us in that it gives us the ability to follow up on potential deals at exactly the right time, when content is viewed. The tool also syncs seamlessly with Salesforce and the interface is easy to use. I was only looking for a tool to provide alerts when content is viewed, but with Fileboard I got so much more than that. The live pitch tool, document sharing feature and the conference call line were all added benefits I did not expect, but that make the tool as a whole extremely useful in multiple sales settings.”

A fantastic tool to generate sales

”Since the first day, Fileboard has been a great asset to our sales team. It has many of the crucial aspects that we require to connect with customers, the customer service is always incredibly helpful, and they are always eager to work with us in order to address our specific needs.”