About Fileboard: Transforming How Sales Are Done

Solving the Productivity Problems of Sales 2.0


Sales is changing. Traditional outside selling is on the decline and inside sales is on the rise…fast. This requires a new set of skills and technology that helps with this new role. Fileboard was founded to create this game-changing technology for the evolving discipline of sales.

Plenty of tools can keep an eye on sales teams but not enough to actually help them with their job; we consider this a founding principle of our company. We focus on empowering sales teams to quickly learn what’s specifically needed to close every individual deal. Our products provide sales teams with valuable insights and greatly improve their productivity, which ultimately leads to closing deals faster and spending more time with interested customers.

Our ultimate vision: A singular sales platform with multiple products supporting every step of the sales pipeline. At the core of that platform: Fileboard’s Sales Assistant, which continues to automate mundane tasks for sales reps, while increasingly providing insights from client interaction, and creating sales tasks which lead to closed opportunities.


Fileboard was founded by entrepreneurs looking to solve the productivity problems of Sales 2.0. Previously this lead them to successfully build Inbox2, an email productivity platform. This ability to execute and build unique technology combined with years of business development and sales experience are the perfect ingredients to build the next sales technology stack empowering every ambitious sales team.

Fileboard is headquartered in San Francisco, California and also has offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


54 Market Street #17557
San Francisco, CA
94104-5401 United States