Cold calling is a stage in the selling process which is feared by the most, but mastered by only a few. It’s completely normal to feel nervous and the harsh reality is that you are going to face a lot of “NO’s” but the key to success is persistence and a set of skills that we are going to recommend you. There’s a proper system behind successful cold calling and our aim is to communicate those tips to you.

The following are the tips to convert a cold call in to a hot lead.

The aim of cold calling is to develop a relationship based on trust.

Never make the sales pitch during the call

Beginners tend to make the mistake of pitching their product during the initial conversation. Ideally, the purpose of cold call is to set an appointment where you could make the pitch. It’s not about selling; it’s about getting an opportunity to sell.

Conduct a little research on your potential customers

Before making a cold call, it is very necessary to know who you are calling, what role do they have in the organization, is it an influential one or not and more importantly how your product can be a fit in to their goals and objectives. If you have all the relevant information, you can target your potential customers in a better way. Remember, the focus should always be on the customer, and not on your product or your company. Client-centered selling is the strategy that needs to be followed in order to generate hot leads. Moreover, find out connections between you and the customer. Prospects will more likely meet you if you have been recommended by someone the prospect already knows and trusts.

Cold Calling

Don’t leak out all the information of your product during cold calling sessions

Smile and Dial

This is a red hot tip that many sales rep forget about. As per medical research, smiling reduces stress and it builds rapport with the other person even when you can’t see them. The person on the other end can pick your facial expressions and the kind of smile based on the sound alone. Researchers have also concluded that body posture matters a lot during cold calls. Standing in a dominating position, feet apart and hands on your hips can increase your confidence and decrease the stress level.

Prepare a script

How would you feel if you’re thrown in a battle field without any weapons? By the time you feel something, you’d be dead already (pun intended).

Likewise, the script that you prepare is your weapon. Prepare an opening statement where you greet the other person, introduce yourself, mention a reference point and begin a dialogue. Moving on, write the possible objections that the prospect is going to make and how you’re going to answer them.

Morning is the best time for cold calling!

Develop a rapport with the gatekeepers

Be very friendly with the gatekeepers because they are the ones that are going to connect you with the decision maker. Be polite and gentle, greet them, ask them for their help and always thank them for the little things that they do for you. Moreover, call them with their first name as it leaves a lasting impression.

Be a helper, not a pitcher

Help your prospect in solving the issues they are facing, rather than boasting about the features of your products or services. This centers the conversation on the other person, not you. Remember, if you understand the problem that your prospect is experiencing, only then you can provide an optimal solution.

Ask for a meet-up

You close on the call by agreeing to meet at time and date which is most suitable to the prospect. Keep notes that remind you about the meeting. Ring up the prospect a day before the meeting or just send him a gentle reminder through email.
It’s not as tough as it looks like. All it takes are a few secrets that are revealed above. Following them would make you master the art of cold calling.