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Your Customers are Too Important to Neglect

Selling new products to an existing customer is quite easy compared to selling existing products to new customers. Thus, it is very important that you retain as many customers as possible and make your existing customers become your biggest source of future sales. To do this, you have to create memorable experiences and wow them:


  1. Pay attention to details. Apple users have always been fascinated by how Apple focuses on the little things so well. Super-optimized booting up time, the little magnetic charging connector and a monolithic design of the Mac have contributed to a legion of passionate fanboys who will be willing to try anything that Apple produces.
  2. Listen to customers’ problems sincerely. Through customer surveys and through support calls, identify their problems. Allow them to vent their feelings. Be a therapist if needed.
  3. Create a great internal corporate culture that puts employees at the top. Happy employees create happy customers. Companies such as Costco or Zappos have a happier band of customers who then recruit a wider band of customers
  4. Make it very easy to work with your product. Think of a product like Craigslist. It feels like an early 1990s website, but still has a vast group of passionate users. This is because, unlike most other classifieds sites, it still kept its interface simple and consistent. There are very few bells and whistles. This made the masses flock to Craigslist, giving them enough scale.

5. Make them feel special. Whether it is in store or in customer support, don’t try to think of your customers as a commodity that you can just treat it as a sales number. Instead get personal and use the data you have collected to make them feel special (like calling them up on their birthday and wishing).
6. Be very clear with your branding and make sure it is consistent with your target market’s needs and aspirations.
7. Constantly strive to learn more about your customers and build personalization in your products and branding messages.
8. Have the leadership team put customer experience at the top of their priorities. Wowing the customer has to be said and unsaid goals of everyone working at the company.
9. Constantly measure your progress in customer engagement (in terms of repeat sales, referrals and customer complaints) and track the effectiveness of various customer engagement programs.


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