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The most important things in inside sales are goal setting and achieving goals. You might have read before that goals always need to be SMART, no matter if you are an inside sales manager or inside sales rep. SMART stands for:

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Actionable,
  • Realistic and
  • Time-related

As an inside sales manager you are setting these quarterly goals for your inside sales team usually as an amount of revenue your inside sales reps need to generate. You will help your reps where needed to achieve these goals, but your reps also need to set SMART goals on a smaller level for themselves in order to achieve their quarterly targets.

When you are an inside sales rep, you are faced with the challenge to set your own smaller goals which should help you to achieve your target at the end of the quarter. We have outlined 5 tips for inside sales reps that will help you with setting the right goals:

1. Break your quarterly target up into a monthly and weekly target.

Hold yourself accountable every week and month, especially when you miss your target.Try to identify the root cause of missing the target. A very simple way to do this is build reports in your Salesforce system. For example, here is an article on “how to create reports in Salesforce to show an overview of your closed opportunities.”

2. Identify the main drivers that will help you to achieve your goals.

These drivers can be the number of calls you make, the number of follow ups, the number of emails you send out or the engagement level of your prospects with your sales content. At Fileboard we built a very simple KPI dashboard with these goals in an excel sheet. With the actions outlined under step #1 you can track your progress against these drivers and keep yourself accountable.


3. Craft your sales funnel.

Identify how many prospects are entering into the funnel and how many make it to the next stages of the funnel. This is very simple to do with Salesforce. Check out this “Salesforce article on funnel charts.”

4. Identify leaks in your sales funnel.

Identify at which stages of your sales funnel you are losing the most prospects. Try to identify what the root cause is of this leak and how you can fix it. This is something Fileboard helps you with by providing you insights into your prospects engagement with your sales collateral.

5. Continuously track your progress.

Track your progress against all the drivers you have identified. Also, track your progress against the different stages of your sales funnel. Finally, make sure to track your progress daily.

Always remember: Call yourself to account before you are called to account. When you do this, the chances you will be successful increase significantly. One of the key things that will help you with this is measuring and scoring your sales pipeline. This is one of the main things Fileboard helps its customers with.

To learn more about following up with prospects, download our “Kick-ass Sales Follow-up” whitepaper.

Happy selling!

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